3 Ways to Obtain a No Down Payment Mortgage Loan

mortgage payments. You have two ways to be approved. 1. Approval through an automated underwriting engine. 2. A manual underwrite. Sometimes, the automated engine doesn’t approve your application, but that’s ok. It still allows your application to be underwritten manually by an underwriter. Basically, if you can show ability to pay the mortgage with good employment history, you will most likely be approved.


You may be able to obtain a VA loan multiple times. A form called the, Certificate of Eligibility, is required when applying for a VA loan and this determines whether or not you have enough “eligibility” left to qualify for another VA loan. Sometimes, a borrower doesn’t use all of his/her eligibility, which can be used again for a future purchase on a new home.

2. Rural Housing Mortgage Loan – If you find a home in a rural area and your adjusted annual gross income doesn’t exceed the moderate income limits for the area, you can qualify for a rural housing mortgage loan. No down payment is required with this loan program. A rural mortgage loan has many benefits for a borrower that is looking to purchase a home in a rural area. Here are the list of benefits that come with a rural mortgage loan…

No down payment.