7 Fundamentals for a Perfect Blog Post

Facebook post, so I thought I should do some research. I am sure we would all love to have the “perfect” blog post – but how do you quantify what is perfect?

No doubt there are more than seven features that will create the perfect blog post, but I think that the seven we will discuss here will be sufficient to cover the most important elements.

1. Headline

2. Storytelling

3. Number of characters

4. Images

5. Subheadings

6. Post length

7. Sharing

What is the perfect headline?

Only 20% of those that read your headline will go on to read the rest of the article, so your headline will often be the make or break for all of your posts. So what is a great headline?

Readers tend to scan headlines, so the first three words and the last three words need to stand out as much as possible. Of course, very few headlines are just six words in length, so the above sentence is of great importance and should be considered when thinking about the headline.

Outside the specific numbers, there is a large amount of inform