8 ways to promote new content on your website

Yes, you need a website promotion plan! And you need a schedule
for that plan. And once that schedule’s finished, you need another,
long-term plan – site promotion is never over! Some of the
activities that you should plan to do are listed below; you
can probably think of others, more relevant to your site: do!


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For a long-term plan, and some long-term activities, read my
article called Promote Your Site Every Day!. You can find it :
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Tell your e-mail subscribers! This is an easy first step to take,
to promote a site redesign (or new pages on your site). Subscribers
have been expecting an announcement, anyway, because you’ve been
referring to the redesign in earlier newsletters (haven’t you?).

This is your best opportunity to really go into detail about all
the great ways your site has improved, and all the new benefits
your subscribers will find. You could even (cheekily!) run a
competition to encourage subscribers to visit your site, and
find those inevitable bugs, before the rest of the web does!!

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If you don’t run a newsletter, this is one (of ma