A Beginners Guide to CB Radio – Don’t Sabotage Your Experience Before It Begins

Citizens band radio or more commonly called “cb radio” offers many type’s of radio experiences for such as small number of legal to use channelized radio frequencies. As an example you man want a c.b. In your car or in your home. Perhaps you might have a business


This article is written for beginners in cb radio or people who may be thinking of getting a radio. I will cover what kind of radios are best to get when starting out and why and if you decide to try out the hobby what happens to most new comers. Don’t worry it only hurts your pocketbook.

Almost all CB radios have a channel selector on its face and some kind of lighted indicator showing a number, generally 1-40 or 1 -23. The radios with 23 channels are older and unless you get one for really cheap or free, I would not purchase one of these units. There are alot of fine older units out there but for reasons Ill explain later, you should get a newer setup. If it doesn’t make sense just read on it will all become very clear to you.

Mobile Vs. Base Type Units

CB’s, for the most part, come in two flavors, base or mobile types. The mobile units are smaller but can have all the features of a base radio, equal power output, however, there is one draw back to the reduced size and that is the size of the control k