A Tale Of Two Sites

Of course,A Tale Of Two Sites Articles that is a gross exaggeration and over generalizes
the landscape of the Internet, but it will be useful for this
article. We want to talk about how you can take any site you
have and create a sister site of the other type in order to
improve your traffic, sales and mission. First, let’s define
these types of sites a little more and give some examples.





1. Informational

This is the classic content or free information site. It
includes hobby sites, huge communities like Yahoo, search
engines, discussion forums, news sites, how-to sites and a
vast majority of the Internet in general.

2. Sales

This can be a classic e-commerce site sells something
directly. It can describe a product/service and provide a
way to provide payment directly on the site. The famous sites
in this category include Amazon, Orbitz, and Ebay. The less
famous sites sell a vast variety of the kind of merchandise
that used to be sold via direct postal mail campaigns,
catalogs, etc.