Anti Aging Face Cream – 7 Ways to Find the Best Anti Aging Face Cream For You

Finding an anti aging face cream that is best for you can be a daunting experience. There are so many products to choose from. And how do you know if they are going to work? Below are seven ways you can use to find the right product for you.

Ask Your Doctor: the first place to start when looking for the right anti aging face cream is to ask your dermatologist. After all, your doctor is more familiar with your skin that anyone other than you. He also has the most up to date information on what will work best for your skin. He will be able to write you a prescription for a face cream that can be stronger than anything you would get over the counter. If you don’t have a dermatologist, the following suggestions will be helpful to you as well.
Search the Web: seems simple enough, right? Just type in anti aging face cream and see what comes up. This can certainly be helpful bu what I suggest is that you check medical websites that have information on skin care. Websites like the Mayo Clinic and Web MD are great places to start gathering information. They may or may not make specific recommendations but it’s a start.
Ask Your Friends: asking your friends if they use an anti aging skin product is a simple and effective way to get a product review that you trust. Which of your friends look the most youthful considering their age? Maybe they have discovered a fabulous new skin cream that is just what you’ve been looking for.
Ask Strangers: okay, asking strangers might sound a little odd but think about it. If you see a woman who looks fantastic for her age why not strike up a conversation by remarking how beautiful her skin is and ask her if she wouldn’t mind telling you what products she uses. Most women will be thrilled to get the compliment and will be happy to comply.
Cosmetics Departments: cosmetic departments are another source of anti aging face cream information. Most upscale cosmeticians are educated in the latest and greatest creams and s