Bad Life Style Behaviors – Health Risks and Premature Early Death

which is not unexpected.

People who had bad life style behaviors showed a great increase of risk of premature early death. Those bad life style components were smoking, excessive alcohol drinking, poor diet, having fruits and veggies less than 3 times daily, and physical exercise less than 2 hours per week.

These people showed that they were three times more likely to die of cardiovascular disease, and four times more likely to die of cancer. They also showed bodily aging appearance, equivalent to being 12 years older than those who did not have a bad life style.

The article again brings home the similar message that we need to have constant and steady good life style day in day out to keep our good health until time is up.

Positive attitude toward life is very important. Carry joy in your heart, peace in your mind and smile on your face all day long. Share these with everyone you meet.

Eat modest amount of food with plenty of fresh veggies and fruits. Try to cut down the portion of meal whenever you can.

Do exercise every day. You may join exercise classes if you can not do it alone. These include traditional yoga, its variations, Pilates, resistance exercise, weight lifting, tread mill, and walking.

Take essential vitamins regularly.

We all need to have a good life style to enjoy o