Basic Tattoo Equipment Every Artist And Studio Needs

names, and descriptions of the items you will need to get started.

Autoclave: By far one of the most important items in a tattoo shop. The autoclave provides a way for the needles, grips, and tubes to be sterilized properly. Autoclaves are a device that exposes items to steam at high pressure in order to decontaminate the materials and render them sterile. All of the items will need to be wrapped individually and un-wrapped in front of the client.

Ultrasonic: The ultrasonic is a device that emits high frequency vibrations to remove deposits of ink throughout the tattoo. It should also be used before changing ink pigments. It is also used prior to the sterilization of grips, and tubes to break up dried ink.

Tattoo machine: This of course is one of the most important items in a tattoo artist’s arsenal. The machine utilizes electromagnetic coils in alternation to move the needle bar up, and down which drives the pigment into the skin. You will also need a power supply, clip cord, and foot pedal.

Tubes and grips: The back tube is inserted into the machine, and is used to align the needles properly in the machine. The grips, are a vital part in making sure your hands don’t get cramped during the tattoo process. Most male artists find that 1 ½ inch grips