Best Job Portal Clone Application

What is HR Hub?

HR Hub is a complete white-label solution for job search and human resource management. HR Hub lets you create a job portal that can help millions of job seekers and recruiters find the best options for their career needs.

HR Hub can also be customized into a custom human resource management app to work within your organization.

So, let’s see what features HR Hub has to offer.


The HR Hub job portal script is truly one of its kind and packed full of features that will help recruiters find the perfect match for their human resource needs. In today’s day and age, it’s not that hard-to-find person who is looking for jobs. But finding the perfect employee to fit your roster with a solid track record and quality can be a tedious task. Luckily, the Blockchain-powered HR Hub has got you covered. HR Hub is a powerful HR solution and hiring portal software that has all of the advanced features of popular Job portal platforms with the added advantage of the revolutionary Blockchain technology. Blockchain integration into HR Hub is truly a game-changer and solves a majority of the problems that current job portals have such as fake recruiters, job seekers with illegitimate profiles, etc. HR Hub is much more than just a job hiring portal software. It is a complete human resource management solution that suits businesses large and small alike. So, dive in, HR Hub takes care of the rest.

Job seekers

The Blockchain-powered HR Hub is a powerful job portal script that will help job seekers find jobs and build a career with never-before-seen ease. The integration of Blockchain into human resource management revolutionizes the way we seek jobs. One of the major problems with the current hiring portals is that no one is truly and effectively verified. HR Hub is more than a few steps ahead with Blockchain KYC verification for both recruiters and job seekers which ensures that what you see is what you get. It eliminates the possibility of fake job advertisements completely and ensures trust all around. And that’s just the start. So, what are you waiting for? Take the first step into the future and transform lives forever.


Are you ready to transform lives forever? HR Hub is the world’s first Blockchain-powered job portal script and human resource management solution. It is undoubtedly a class apart from any other indeed clone out there and is a complete HR management solution for small and big businesses alike. The integration of Blockchain eliminates the need for trust and ensures that what you see is what you get. HR Hub is our answer to all of the problems that haunt the current job hiring portals and revolutionizes the way businesses hire people and the way people get hired. Go ahead, take a leap into the future of human resource management and get ahead of the curve with HR Hub.