Concierges Needed in Hospital

Hospitals around the country are creating Concierge positions to help meet the needs of their patients and staff. In addition to spacious private rooms, laptops with Internet access, cappuccino on demand, and cable television with DVD players, patients can now indulge in the services of a dedicated Concierge to more personally see to their needs. According to a report by the Center for Health Systems and Design in Lafayette, California, “…hospital patients heal more quickly in a comfortable, attractive environment. A little luxury doesn’t hurt, either.”

Administrators are more closely analyzing patients’ overall satisfaction with health care. The addition of a Concierge takes their initiatives to a new level of “pampered” service. The Concierge serves a full shift in pursuit of improving accommodations and making the patients’ stay at the hospital as pleasant as possible. Doctors and administrators see this effort as a significant contribution to reducing patients’ stress, which consequently always produces faster recovery from injury and illness.

Hospital staff is also given access to this luxury amenity. By running errands and handling ‘to do’ lists for busy nurses and doctors, Concierges reduce staff’s daily stressors outside their work environment. Less stressed staff people leads to better service, which causes everyone to win in the end.