Customer Meltdown at the Hearing Center

Think about a hearing center that was about to open up. It was a family-owned facility. So,Customer Meltdown at the Hearing Center Articles the staff was mostly made up of family members, friends and associates. The day before the grand opening everyone was excited, especially Lisa, who would be working as the receptionist. Because of the economy, she had found it hard to land a job. So, she was extra enthused.

“Guys, I can’t believe Brandon is actually about to open his own business,” she said to some of the other workers as they made their final preparations for opening. “This is amazing. I can’t wait until we get our first customers.”

The next day all of the workers gathered inside the hearing center about 30 minutes before opening, for a pep talk from the owner.

“Okay everyone, this is a very exciting time for us, but we must also remember that every day is not going to be easy,” Brandon said. “Sometimes, things won’t go as smoothly as you planned, but we must remember that the customer is always right.”

Because of her great anticipation, Lisa barely paid any attention to the speech. She was too busy thinking of ways to decorate her new office space. After 30 minutes had passed the facility was officially opened and people with appointments as well as walk-ins started to make their way in. Everything was going pretty well for Lisa until a certain customer walked in the door.

“Hi, welcome to the hearing center,” said Lisa as she flashed a huge smile. “What may we help you with today ma’am?”

“Yes, I’m coming to see an audiologist,” said the woman.

“Okay, what is your first and last name,” asked Lisa.

“Oh, I didn’t make an appointment,” said the woman. “I thought your sign said you take walk-ins.”

“Yes, of course we do,” said Lisa. “We’ll be right with you as soon as we get an opening.”

After about 15 minutes had passed, the customer began getting impa