Cyprus Buses, Taxis And Finding Your Way Around Cyprus

Cyprus buses may sound like a cool way to circumvent the Island but they don’t appear to operate to the same tight schedules as those at home. In fact if you wait around long enough you may be picking up your pension before you get picked up by a bus in Cyprus.


Cyprus buses,Cyprus Buses, Taxis And Finding Your Way Around Cyprus Articles First off let me just say that the buses in Cyprus aren’t brilliant. Unless you are on one of the main coastal roads or high ways you aren’t at all likely to be blessed with a bus service of any kind. There are however regular services between the main holiday resorts and Cyprus places of interest throughout the holiday season serving the tourist trade as well as many Cyprus charter services again operating mostly during the holiday season only. If you decide to take your holidays on the eastern side of Cyprus there is a great regular service operating between Paralimni and the water park in Agia Napa which stops of in Pernera as well as the main resort of Protaras.

These Cyprus buses aren’t the most modern fleet in the world and with so many stops along the way I wouldn’t describe it as an express service either but it is fairly reliable. Although there are plenty of official bus stops along the route the drivers aren’t adverse to picking you up if you flag them down most anywhere. The fares are mind blowingly inexpensive too but that goes with the territory in Cyprus so don’t expect to be traveling in luxury. In fact some of the older Cyprus buses don’t even have aircon apart from the windows down both sides. They also appear to be fitted with a unique gearbox that has only two speeds. STOP! and flat out Go! so hold tight.

If the joys of coach travel don’t readily appeal to you there are plenty of stretched taxis that will easily accommodate seven or eight passengers and an increasing number of mini buses with even more space inside. These Cyprus taxis or mini buses are a great way to get around and you can share the cost with a group or family trip to just about anywhere in Cyprus you please. Always be sure to fix the price though before you agree to the journey. On the whole the taxis and mini buses in Cyprus are “price fixed” by government or local licensing authorities but that doesn’t always stop some drivers forgetting to switch the meter on. They prefer instead to make it up as they go along and although they are in the minority you should always fix the price before you get into the vehicle.

If you want to see more of this beautiful Mediterranean paradise there are literally hundreds of companies offering excursions by coach or even Cyprus jeep safaris into the less accessible parts of the Island. If there is a group involved you may want to consider a hiring self drive mini bus or people carrier and have the total freedom to travel where ever in Cyprus the fancy takes you. Stop off when and where it suits you without having to stick to the set timetable or itinerary of an organized coach tour. Whatever you decide it would be a shame not to explore at least some of Cyprus whilst you are there.

For those who wish to see a lot of the Island whilst having the independence and freedom to do so at their own pace there is only one real option. Cyprus car hire or car rental as it is also known. There is no doubt that having the use of a hire car throughout the duration of your Cyprus holiday is a much superior option to jumping on and off the Cyprus bus service or paying out for taxis on a regular basis. The roads are well signed and the directions are in English so getting around Cyprus by hire car is totally stress free. They even drive on the left like the U.K. so for many it will be like motoring at home without the traffic problems or hassle.