Dog Aggression Training – How To Deal With Your Dog’s Aggressive Behavior

Anytime a dog is acting aggressive; there is a reason for it. Aggression in dogs happens because of genetics,Dog Aggression Training – How To Deal With Your Dog’s Aggressive Behavior Articles environment and training methods. There is always a trigger for aggressive behavior. One of the first steps a professional dog trainer or behaviorist will do when dealing with an aggressive dog is find out what is triggering the aggression. There can be many reasons for this. Treating aggression consists of four steps. The first step is getting a through vet check. We need to rule out any physical problems before we can start any behavior program. The second step consists of safety and management. The third and step involves developing a positive relationship and structure. And the last step deals with treating and changing the dog’s aggressive response. In order for the program to be effective each part of the program must be followed.

1. Aggression is often described as a snowball going downhill. It starts very small and insignificant and quickly becomes huge and intimidating. It is very important that we try to limit the number of aggressive incidents that occur. Limit access to anything that triggers the aggression. Some other important points to Dog trainer  remember are:

Walk the dog on a gentle leader

Muzzle before vets, groomers, etc.

Keep the dog kenneled or in a crate when unsupervised

Try to walk the dog in areas or at times when you are unlikely to come into contact with other dogs.

Remember good management skills are very important for any dog owner, but it is especially important for owners with aggressive dogs.

2. Positive relationship and structure: A dog is a pack animal, which is one reason they make such good pets because they respond to a social structure. In the wild, the pack is very loosely organized, but there is always a p