Embrace Your Numbers

The essence of coaching is in identifying the gap between
where you are and where you want to be. There are many ways
to get from Point A to Point B,Guest Posting and many of them ask you to
suspend your addiction to numbers. However, it is
practically impossible to move from Point A to Point B if
you can not clearly articulate where Point A is. For most
of us, that involves numbers of some kind.


This is even more critical for those of us who fear being
trapped by numbers. We usually prefer to ‘go with the
flow’ or ‘fly by the seat of our pants’. If this is your
natural style, as it is mine, the idea of getting intimate
with the numbers that make up our lives can be a little

So often, we feel that ‘what we don’t know can’t hurt
us’. This is simply not true. Not knowing that your blood
sugar levels are over 400 doesn’t mean that you can’t go
into a coma or have some other life-threatening
complication. The trick is to embrace your current numbers,
identify your ideal or goal numbers, and work from there.

Here are some examples of the ‘numbers’ in our lives.
Embrace them!! So often the fear associated with them just
goes away once we admit to ourselves what they are. (This
is very similar to another fear I frequently see with my
clients who are afraid to go to the doctor because they
might find out that something is wrong. And is also related
to the relief they feel, once they do go, when they find
out what it is, regardless of the seriousness of the
illness involved.) We have a very strong ‘need’ to know.