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Football is a sport deeply embedded in American sporting culture. I am not referring to soccer of course. What I am referring to is American Football. It has continually influence the lives of many insofar as their sporting lives are concerned. This is so since football is a very fascinating game. It is fast moving, fun and sometimes painful to watch, especially when players tackle each other. And while some may refer to it as a bit rough, it nevertheless has some grace to it, which if appreciated in the right manner, might seem polished. To say however that it is as graceful as ballet for example, would be pushing it.

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American football is a tough sport. This is characterized by the sport in that, to be an effective football player, one should have the right size so that they may be able to compete properly with other players. This is not to say of course that all football players are huge. There are also a few exceptions. And one of them is Doug Flutie. This rather short man, having American Football as basis, grew to be one of the greatest quarterbacks in football. But the highlight of his career was when he was in college.

College football as differentiated with pro football is faster, and more aggressive. This is evidenced by the fact that players in it are younger compared to that of pro football. But when we are talking about the play that takes place between these leagues, there is no doubt that the plays being executed in pro football is more refined and polished. Also, players in pro