Executive Protection – Hotspots

The risk of kidnap is greatest in Latin America, Asia and the Middle East, although incidents happen all over the world, and the list of high-risk countries is continually changing. Kidnapping is not gender specific. Both male and female executives are at equal risk. Kidnappers are primarily highly organized terrorist or criminal groups motivated by political aims or financial gain. Many kidnappings go unreported because people want to handle the incident quietly. However, executives do not have to be traveling to kidnap hotspots for something to happen. Even in somewhat calm countries in Asia and Europe executives need to remain extra attentive at all times. When conducting business missions overseas, determine the kidnap threat capabilities and how kidnappers normally execute their operations.


Kidnap groups are displaying a higher level of sophistication in their operations. Extensive research and planning are conducted prior to their operations. Vital data and information are obtained, including inside information about net worth and liquidity of assets of prospective executive targets.

Regardless of the geographical setting, the kidnap threat against executives is a reality for businesses today. An attack may be a question of when, not if, in some countries. Thereby, executives need to be better prepared and be able to successfully avoid a kidnap situation from occurring.

The current top countries for kidnappings per capita are Colombia, Mexico, Philippines, Ecuador and Venezuela. However, despite the geographical location, kidnapping threats against executives is a reality today. It’s necessary to have a picture of the current nature and extent of the problem, trends and likely developments internationally in orde