For Caring Pet Parents

Laura and her husband went away for a conference last September. They’re are pet parents and have a Maine Coon cat, Doberman-Chow mix dog, a Cockatiel bird and three aquariums. They really hate to leave them even just for a couple of days. Laura’s brother-in-law lives just up the road, and he let the dog out and spent a little time with them while they were away.

Being a pet parent, you always hate to think what would happen if there was ever a fire while you were away. Laura and her husband have home alarm monitoring with Alarm Relay, and if God forbid there was one, the smoke detector will immediately contact their nearest fire dept. even if the alarm is disarmed. That is a really good peace of mind. Not everybody’s as caring a pet parent as some of us are. There were sixty-eight animals found dead in a New Jersey home. They stated that things got rough and the family just couldn’t care for them any longer. How hard is it to bring them to a shelter. It’s just absolutely mind boggling. They got away with only 5 years of probation and community service after killing 68 sweet, innocent little lives. Yes, they’re animals, but they do depend on us. The joy animals bring is immeasurable. It sometimes seems as if animals care about you more than humans do.

Laura received a call on their cell phone that evening (they had all their home phone calls forwarded) from a phone number they did not recognize, so they just let it go to voice mail since they were having dinner. Shortly after the phone rang once more, and they figured if it was important a message would be left. Well, her mother-in-law called shortly after and said she received a call from the police. They said that they responded to a call they received from their home alarm monitoring service, and they couldn’t get a hold of them. OH! They then realized who’s the strange phone number was! It turns out that her brother-in-law had set the alarm to “away” rather than “stay”, and therefore their dog set it off because the “away” mode means no one is home, not even a dog.

All in all, she was very satisfied with their service as if it truly was an intruder, they were right on it! At $8.9