Free Phone Lookups Versus Paid Phone Lookups

got the subscriber name and number after a few seconds. Then, we used a paid scan site. In less than a second, the results page was flashed and it gave a results page with tons of stuff including the name, address, service provider, country, occupation, family members and more.

Winner in round 1: Paid reverse phone lookup

Round 2
Using another wire line number whose data we have changed a month ago from being owned by Jemma Orly to being owned by Jemma McKenna. Free scan still had Jemma Orly listed. Paid scan yielded the corrected name.

Winner in round 2: Paid reverse phone lookup

Round 3
Using a cellular phone number and an unlisted wire line number, we checked the free service if they will yield any results. The search results yielded a zero hit. For the paid phone reverse scan, it came back with results for BOTH mobile number and unlisted wire line number.
Winner in round 3: Paid reverse phone lookup

And the winner by knock-out is non other than the very reliable and very helpful paid reverse phone lookup servic