Gold and Its Association With Power

Gold is not only an attractive and precious metal in terms of jewellery, but it is also a store of wealth and has been used for carrying out trade transactions in the past. When something is as valuable as gold, it is given that a person having its possession is bound to be rich, wealthy and powerful. It is a commonly known fact that wealth lends power and influence to people.

Due to the mentioned reasons, gold is often associated with power. This is true not only for the past, but it also applies in the present world, just under slightly different circumstances. If we look into the past, monarchs and kings, who were the most powerful people in the society as well as the world, chose gold and no other metal for their crowns.

The association of kings and monarchs with the metal went far beyond just crowns. They used and collected gold coins as their treasures and they also exchanged these gold coins within their kingdom as well as beyond. At these occasions, gold played the role of a currency that was acceptable anywhere in the world because of its power and genuineness.

It was this association of gold with power that made it an important part of monetary functions for years. With the passage of time, as business and trade flourished, the value and role of gold in monetary terms increased and remained even after paper money was introduced. In these times, the countries with the most gold money were considered to be rich, and they had the power to influence international trade.

In the present world, gold has become a financial asset and commodity instead of just a general commodity and that makes it valuable in terms of investment. People buy gold as investment because it offers manifold returns after a period of years. This improves their financial position and grants them more power, not only financially, but also in societal terms.

At present, when the world has faced an economic crisis and there is still recession, the only reliable investment that one can make is in gold and not money or stocks or other financial assets. In this matter, gold still tends to be of prime importance. Ju