Gucci Brown Crocodile Jewelry Case

The first time I saw this Gucci brown crocodile jewelry case,Guest Posting it appeared like an aging wooden jewelry case that my grandmother used for decades. But equipped with this kind of old style, this jewelry case looks very special in the jewelry case makets where there are so many colourful or shiny jewlry cases. This latest Gucci product expresses the utterly low-keyed

Although brown color makes it like a wooden case, don’t forget this is an incredible crocodile jewlry case. Crocodile looks great in brown. It is smooth and lustrous. And natural cracks of the crocodile can be seen everywhere of the case,but the pattern is highly organized. I am also glad to find the light gold hardware,which is so eye-catching and reinforcing the beauty of the crocodile. And I will never ignore the nail detail and the push lock closure. They together bring a neat-looking case for us.