How to Choose the Best Football Academies Internationally

completely new level. But which football academy is right for you? Where can you find the best mix of training and exposure?

We’ll cover the fundamentals for choosing an international football academy in this article, and help point you in the right direction.

Football Academy Coaching
You can’t become the best unless you train with the best. That’s why international-level coaching staff is so important to maximize your potential.

Some international football academies will have partnerships with premier league coaching staff in their respective countries. This means you’ll be training with professional coaches on a daily basis.

Research the camps you want to attend and find out who will be coaching you and what their credentials are. How long have they been coaching? Have they coached any professional teams? What do they focus on in their training?

These are the kind of questions to ask when deciding on the perfect football academy for you.

Football Academy Scouting
Visibility is as important as top-level training. If the right people never lay eyes on you, it doesn’t matter how great your skills are. Look for a football academy with proven relationships with professional teams and scouts.

This network is invaluable for finding the right opportuniti