How to Grind Like a Skateboarding Pro!

is it the coolest looking skateboard trick, but it’s also the most enjoyable and fun trick to do, and that’s what it’s all about!

How many times have you seen some grind a rail, bench, edge or curb and thought to yourself, ‘Man, I wish I could do that…’? Well guess what, you can! It DOES take practice, and you’ll need to learn some basics first, but you can learn how to grind if you really put your mind towards it.

A grind is when the trucks of your skateboard slide or grind along a surface without the wheels touching it. The trucks are usually made of metal, and they are the axles that hold the wheels in place.

Originally performed by skaters around the rim of backyard swimming pools, today grinding most commonly grinding takes place on a specially built grind-rail which can be found at any good skate park. Additionally you can do a grind on any object that fits between the wheels of your skateboard. Before attempting to grind though it’s important to learn how to grind properly, in order to reduce the risk of injury and of course ensure you’re giving yourself the best opportunity to learn and progress as quickly as possible.

Although there are many variations on the grind trick, the most basic maneuver worth learning is called the 50-50 grind. This involves approaching almost parallel to the rail at a slight angle and then doing an ollie onto the middle of the rail with both trucks in the centre of the rail. It may sound difficult but with practice and discipline around technique, you can achieve it, and once you do the sky is the limit!

Nowadays there are so many different variations on the original grind trick. Some of the most popular and common ones are;