How to Maximize Your Notebook PC Experience

Notebook PCs are almost necessities in today’s ultra-connected world – and this is even truer if you’re a student or a tech-powered professional. If you find yourself reaching for the computer more than two times a day, you’re probably going to need more than just a plain, vanilla notebook. The good news is that you can transform your notebook into a computer fit for a super-user with just a few choice accessories.

Most Useful Notebook Accessories

Storage is crucial, not because notebooks have smaller hard drives (to the contrary, they often have plenty of space) but because you need a different type of storage. Portable storage is the ideal solution for notebooks and laptops because the computers themselves are portable. If you’re a PC power-user, you’ll probably need to transfer files from your laptop, to your tablet or desktop, your digital cameras.

We recommend three portable storage tools:

Flash Drives – For those quick transfers between USB compatible devices. Keep a few flash drives tucked away on your keychain, backpack, or laptop case.
External Hard Drive – For backing up your data. With the constant threat of damage, a notebook PC needs a weekly backup to keep your data safe.
Card Reader – Digital cameras, mp3 players, and cellphones often use removable memory cards of varying sizes. Carrying all of the different adapters around can be a hassle. Use one multi-card reader to keep all your small devices connected.

If you have a need for additional storage, then chances are you’re using your computer for many different tasks. We recommend a portable mouse and keyboard as a case-by-case alternative to the built-in touchpad and keyboard. The native versions are often too small and can ruin productivity on tasks that require a seamless workflow. You’ll need a small USB hub to expand your slots for extra peripherals.