How To Remove and Heal Deep Scars – Methods and Creams To Help With Scar Removal

For the best results, you will need to choose the scar removal method that is best suited for your particular scar. Many people ignore this very important rule with disastrous consequences or less than perfect results.

If you have a deep ice pick scar then punch techniques are best suited for their removal. Actually there are different types of punch techniques and all of them use a biopsy tool that is small and round. With what is known as the punch excision technique the scar is literally plucked out and the resulting wound is left to heal. You will have to be under local anesthesi

ool as in the punch excision. This time the entire base is cut out leaving the walls to join and elevate the base to the higher level of the surrounding skin. When this heals the deep scar will have vanished.

However the method that is thought to be most successful by far for treating ugly deep scars is called the punch replacement. The operation is the same as punch elevation with one major significant difference. That is instead of the surrounding skin being joined together, the area where the scar was is filled with a skin graft removed form another part of the body. Usually this graft is removed from behind the ear.

Another method for dealing with deep scars is called augmentation. As the name suggests material is injected where the scar is. The intention is to “fill” the scar and bring it to the same level as the surrounding skin. The material to be used can be the patient’s own fat. Alternatively collagen, cosmoderm or cymetra can be used.

If you have a mild scar then you should be looking at chemical peels to get rid of them. This is a simple procedure where acid is applied on the spot where the scar is. It removes the top layer of ski