How to Wrap Money As a Gift

do it. You only need to add the art effect so that it will look beautiful and impressive. Use your creativity. Wrap it with your special way in an original wrap so that the recipient will be impressed by your gift. You can use a small box for holding your money and add a few coins to make it more beautiful.

If you are interested in this idea, you can do the following steps. The first thing you have to do is to line your gift box with tissue papers and then place the money into it. Then, you can fold the tissue paper with the money in the box. The next thing to do is to wrap the box by using wrapping paper. Secure it with the clear tape and set your box aside.

For the money, you can fold nine bills into end-to-end thirds. Make sure that you fold each of them well. Save one folded bill. Then, take one of the folded bills and then fold it into one side loop with the end overlapped. Line up each folded bill end evenly with the edges. For holding them in their places, you can staple them. Set the two looped bills so each end of the folded bill overlaps each other at about one inch. Then, you will get the loops extend out from each other in the opposite direction. Repeat this step so that you will get the four two-bill sections which are identical.

The next thing to do is to you can set one two-bill section on a flat surface so you will get one loop to face down and another one face up in a vertical line. Then, place the second two-bill section in the horizontal line of the first section. The loops will look like “T.” staple those sections in the center.

You can also add another two-bill section over the first sections so that it will make a diagonal line. Also, staple it in the center. In addition, place the last two-bill section in the opposite diagonal. Staple it for securing it. The last thing to do is to fold the bill on the bow with the folded bill end in the open center so that the bill will extend out. Staple it for keeping it in its place. For the last touch, you can tape the bow of the money to the top of the wrapped gift box.