Ice Hockey Is Worth Trying

First of all,Guest Posting we have to talk about the referee of the hockey competition. There are two court judges, two members of the prison doors, two sideline referees, a timer and a scorekeeper. The two court judges jointly control the entire game, one on each half. If the play is offside, the two sideline judges will discrete sampling.

Second, we will talk about several foul plays on hockey sport. If you want to play ice hockey; body contact can not be avoided. Athletes all have clubs in their hands, and the speed of the game is also very fast. If the competitive situation is not properly controlled, it will appear the uncivilized behaviors and even dangerous phenomenon. Thus, the following actions are not allowed to occur on the ground, such as pushing people by hands, holding people, tripping people with legs, elbowing people, hooking with stem top, using a trip, pushing bar resistance, raising above shoulders, holding rod race, throwing off the cue, beating with a hit, stabbing or clubbing with a bar. If the above phenomenon appears, the referee will give a small penalty depending on the circumstances, such as large fines, penalties for offenses or serious offenses.
Thirdly, it is important to say something about the reasonable discretion on how to master the collision problem in an ice hockey game. In the game, players can use shoulders, chest, buttocks to crash the other ball players, but go on more than three steps or jump up to slide the collision is not allowed. Of course, it is also not allowed to make a violent collision to the direction of the boundary wall from the back or three meters away from the boundary wall. Depends on the circumstances, any collision offenders will receive penalties from the referee, such as a small penalty for two minutes, a big penalty for five minutes and an additional ten minutes violation. Serious players will be penalized as serious violation or even disqualified.
Fourthly, it is about the issue of how to kick off and fight for a ball in the game of ice hockey. There is a blue point in the centre of the middle of the red line, it’s the kicked off point. The game will continue if both sides fight for the ball at this point after the start of each game or the hit of the goal. In addition, there are also eight points on the ground, called the face-off point. In a game, the so-called dead ball will appear if tapping team players attack the ball directly through their own half line to the of the other side, the referee will suspend the game. Then get the ball back to the off spot of the team’s offensive zone, two sides fight for the ball and start the competition again.
Fifthly; offside problem is also a matter that we have to take into consideration. Members of the attack team can not get the ball into the offensive zone if the ball does not enter the zone, or it will be regarded as a behavior of offside. At this time, the referee will whistle to stop the ball game, carry the ball back to the central point and let players scramble for the ball.