Important Hidden Cost Information About Your Wedding Plans

caterers and event centers. If you’re unaware of these costs, they can end up being 2% to 3% of your budget. That may not seem like a lot of money, but it you consider your wedding gown is 10% of your budget, you now can’t cover the cost of the wedding dress. Discover some of the hidden costs in wedding contracts within this article.

Consider the cost of your wedding license, were you aware wedding licenses are only valid for a short period of time? While you may be able to submit your application online, or request a application by mail, be sure to check the dates the license is applicable, or you may be paying this fee twice.


Depending on where you live, there will be taxes and fees applied to all food and beverages. Read the fine print and make sure that you’ve allotted your budget accordingly. Remember that different cities have different tax rates, and that certain costs may include a different tax rate than where you live.

Catered events can have many hidden costs. If the caterer has included the staff, and there is a quoted price in your contract, it is most likely for a set period of time. However, if you go over that time, you may be required to pay staff overtime wages. For instance, if you are quoted a price of $1200, that price is usually for about six hours and includes the cost of the hourly wages of the staff. However, if the staff is used past the six hour time limit, then you will be charged additionally for each hour or portion thereof, or even an overtime charge. Additionally, many caterers have a specific costs included in the contract, which may go unnoticed, such as a cake cutting fee. This is the cost of slicing the cake and serving as well as cleaning the extra dishes. This can go as high as four dollars for each slice of cake. A 100 person guest list just tacked on $400 to the budget. Some caterers also have a minimum cost, so even if you’re while actual costs may be $1200, the caterer will charge you their minimum, which can be an additional $800. Caterers have fees for each separate part of your event including table rentals, linens, dishes, flatware, glasses, and any other equipment they use. Be aware it may also charge a minimum fee, should you us