Integrated Electric Standby for Refrigerated Trucks

Introduction of Integrated Electric Standby Refrigeration system

At present,Guest Posting the refrigeration system of most refrigerated vehicles relies on the vehicle engine to drive the transport refrigeration compressor to work, so as to achieve the purpose of refrigeration and food preservation. The compressor can only work when the vehicle is running. Once the engine is turned off, the refrigeration unit stops working. The electric standby system on the refrigerated truck is the second cooling power source activated when the engine of the chassis is not working or malfunctions. It can be used as a back-up refrigeration solution to solve some emergencies, and the refrigerated truck can also be used as a temporary cold storage.

Simply speaking, the vehicle powered refrigeration unit generally relies on the engine to drive the compressor of the refrigeration unit. After the engine is stopped, the refrigeration unit will stop working. If an integrated electric standby is installed, it can be directly powered after the engine is stopped. The truck refrigeration unit can still work afterwards, providing the preset refrigeration and fresh-keeping temperature for the truck compartment, so as to keep our goods fresh. The integrated electric standby system is more suitable for lon