Intelligent and dynamic transportation

Ministry of Science and arrangement of the major projects of the “15” national scientific and technological development and demonstration of key technologies of intelligent transportation systems engineering “project,Intelligent and dynamic transportation system Articles the project to the central city and highway-related application projects as a leader in urban intelligent traffic management, public transportation systems, traffic information services, trans-provincial highway network toll collection, highway intelligent management and intelligent transportation system industry and foundation work in science and technology research and application demonstration.

This year, the Ministry of Transport announced the “Transport” 12th Five-Year “development plan” (hereinafter referred to as the “Plan”), the plan made it clear in the next five years in accordance with the principle of “moderately advanced” and “to promote traffic information , vigorously develop the intelligent transportation, enhance the level of modernization of the transport. ”

Can be seen, government departments, support and encouragement, from a management point of view the development of intelligent transportation a good policy environment, provide the necessary policy guidance for the development of intelligent transportation, intelligent transportation and promoting urban intelligent traffic actively promote the significance.