Jazz Up Your Kitchen With Trendy Kitchen Bar Stools

Although most people are well aware of the practical use of kitchen bar stools, not many actually consider their aesthetic aspect. Kitchen chairs are, in fact, neat decorative items that can provide extra seating and spice up the decor of your kitchen without taking up lots of space.

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Kitchen bar stools blend in well with all kind of kitchen furniture – bistro-style tables, kitchen islands, and high counters. And with the wide variety of styles, designs, colors, and themes of kitchen bar stools available today, it definitely makes sense to choose a couple of them than the plain, old wooden stools.

If your kitchen sports modern d├ęcor, try adding a few sleek stools in dark wood, light wood, chrome, or aluminum. Painted bar chairs with comfortable rush seats greatly enhance the appeal of a country-style kitchen. For a themed kitchen, get some modern metal chairs with cut outs that suit the theme.

Choosing Kitchen Bar Stools

It can be a fun experience shopping for bench that will complement your kitchen. However, you must also be practical while making a choice. Understand your needs, and then, choose stools that best meet these needs. For instance, if you plan to spend lots of time eating and chatting at the stools, it is best to go in for stools with wooden seats or ones with heavy, scotch-guarded fabric.

Another fact to consider is the height of the chair. You will obviously be uncomfortable if the stools are too short or too tall. The height of stools generally ranges between 17 to 31 inches. To ensure the right height, pick the bar chair that maintain about 10 to 13 inches between the bottom of the kitchen counter and top of the seat.

There is a simple method to calculate this space difference. First, measure the height from your floor to the base of the counter. When you are shopping for bar stools, measure the height from the floor to the top portion of the seat. Finally, calculate the difference in heights. If the difference is in the 10-13 range, you are looking at the right stools!