Learn to Play Heavy Metal

The heavy metal genre of music is known for exacting highly intense emotions from the audience; and this is precisely what separates it from other contemporary music genres. Once you develop a taste for heavy metal, you are unlikely to find any other music style so cathartic. If you are an intense person and have occasionally listened to heavy metal bands, you are sure to have a desire to learn to play heavy metal. However, the first step towards learning it must start with knowing the history of its origin.

Born out of the experiments of late 1960s, heavy metal took the shape of a separate class only during 1970s and 1980s. It originated from the fusion of old blues and rock styles and finds its uniqueness in heavy guitar distortions. The earliest music that could be termed metal came from bands such as Led Zepplin, Deep Purple and Black Sabbath in the 1970s.

The later bands shed most of the blues influence and added more speed and loudness. You can find metal lessons in books, CDs, DVDs and also on many websites. An important thing is to keep away from irrelevant lessons and focus only on what is essential for metal music. Your lessons should be more focused on techniques like scales, harmonics, palm muting, tremolo picking, etc which support the aggressive metal style of playing guitar.

The learn heavy metal guitar course by Phil Wheatley is a complete beginner course for players who are venturing into the metal guitar niche. This course gives you a run through in exactly what a metal guitar player will require to start playing fast. With a detailed coursebook and more than 10 video lessons, the course available for download is the fastest means to learn to play the gu