Link Building SEO – The importance of quality

Among the number of things you can do to improve your websites ranking,Link Building SEO - The importance of quality Articles link building SEO (Search Engine Optimization) should be considered the most important. The more relevant incoming links a website has from other websites, the higher the website will rank. However, more important than the number of links is the quality. One high quality link can have the same impact as 100 or more low quality ones.

In order to maximize their impact on your website, each link should incorporate the following link building SEO best practices:

1) The link should be a one way incoming link. Reciprocal links or link exchanges aren’t necessarily bad, but they do not carry the same weight as a one way link.

2) Each link should be permanent. SEO link building takes time if you are to do it right. A link that isn’t there in the long run is ultimately effort wasted.

3) Make sure the link is hosted on a webpage where the content is 100% directly relevant to the webpage it is linking to. This is very important. If you have a website that is about “backyard swing sets”, then you need links to your website from webpages about “backyard swing sets”. Google loves relevancy.

4) Links should be hosted on webpages which generate traffic. The purpose can be two-fold, first to help improve your websites ranking, second to drive traffic to your website from the site linking to it.

5) The website the link is from should be a popular website with authority. Google uses a number of variables to determine the importance of a particular website. One of those variables is the PageRank. Websites with a higher PageRank pass on greater weight than those with a lower PageRank.

6) Your SEO link building efforts will also be more effective if yours is the only outbound link from a particular webpage.  Webpages with dozens or even hundreds of outbound links will dilute your link equity. This can best be thought of in numerical terms.  If the page has a weight of 100 and you are the only link, you get 100% of the equity. If there are ten other links on that page, you get 10% of the equity.