Looking for A Good Reasonably Priced Metal Detector on Sale?


Why are The Quick draw II Bounty Hunter metal detectors so popular?

Imagine waking up early and it’s a lovely warm day the feeling of excitement is travelling through your bones Today could be the day, Yes! today could be the day you discover your very own piece of “treasure”

Then imagine that you own the Quick draw II Bounty Hunter An affordable detector that doesn’t cost the earth. Off to the beach? Great no problems, the Quick draw works just as well on sand, as a Farmer’s plowed field.

The beauty of the Quick Draw II Is that It has some features that are generally only found on higher priced units: Also anyone of any age young or old can use this versatile robust detector.




* The LCD screen can indicate what type of metal has been found If you are after more coins and less rusty scrap the Touch pad selection and 3-level iron discrimination Help’s you concentrate on Valuable finds and not Iron junk which Is a real time saver. The Notch Modes work well for filtering out most trash items.

*The coil will reach down to an approximate depth of eight inches and Yes that’s were most finds are found.

*The quick draw Is light and easy to hold