Making Decision as to Which Gutter Guard to Buy

ou would think that common sense would play in making the decision as to which gutter guard to choose for your home. But not always so.

I met with a prospective customer who was looking at choosing a gutter guard for her home. She had an estimate from the local Gutter Helmet dealer. Google Gutter Helmet to see the design which is very much like our Niagara gutter guard looks like. Just Google Niagara gutter guard to see the similarities. Both are a single fin design.
Based on how close her trees were and heavily concentrated the debris was I recommended double row louvered system for a total cost of $1,995. I said,Guest Posting “I would imagine the price Gutter Helmet gave you was about $1,400.”
She complimented me on my guess and told me I was only $100 off—it was $1,500.
I happened to have a sample of the Gutter Helmet product with me and we both agreed that it was big and bulky. I asked her if I could use her kitchen sink for a demonstration.
She approved and I showed her how the water flows over the top of both products and down the fin of the Gutter Helmet product or through the louvers of the double row louvered leaf guard. I then whetted a dollar bill, which is very much like a wet leaf, and