Marijuana Recommendation: Facts You Need to Know

Not just any doctor can provide medical marijuana recommendations. Similarly, not just any patient or person, regardless of their medical condition, will qualify for one. Currently, there are 15 different states in the union as well as in DC that have moved to pass laws which decriminalize marijuana for medicinal usages. However, these states have also instituted programs to ensure the efficacy of them, and that they are not being abused for recreational purposes or fraud. All of the states that have medical marijuana programs in place very strictly regulate them, and the only way to gain access to them and become a part of such programs is by first getting a valid medical marijuana recommendation in your state.

What Are Medical Marijuana Recommendations?
In the simplest definition, a marijuana recommendation is a medical document that is signed by a state approved cannabis doctor. Such recommendations can only be issued by licensed doctors who are in good standing. The recommendation is assurance offered to the state by the doctor that deems “in their expert medical opinion” that after having fully reviewed a patient’s past and current medical history that they would benefit from using medicinal cannabis. States review these recommendations and will approve patients for their marijuana programs based upon them.