No Headache Maintenance

Your cars maintenance is the key to the long life of your car, so while you should not take it lightly do not let it be confusing either. By following a few simple steps, taking care of your investment will be easy and give you and your car a long relationship. First, always follow manufacturers recommended service schedules for your cars engine, transmission, coolant system, brakes, power steering, A/C, tires, and rear axle assembly. These vary by make and model so check your service manual to find out when the service intervals are for your cars systems. Next, Use only specified lubricants.

A good grade conventional or synthetic motor oil should be used, and the SAE viscosity suggested should also be followed. There are many additives on the market claiming to boost fuel mileage, extend engine life and prevent oil consumption,etc. These products in my professional opinion are not worth spending your money on. If you follow a good scheduled maintenance plan as outlined here you should have years of worry free service. Your transmission should follow suit, follow the type fluid specified in your service manual and the scheduled service interval. If transmission troubles arise there is no magic fluid to fix a problem take your car to a reputable service shop and have it checked.

Another maintenance issue that can cost or save you money is your tires. Buy yourself a good quality tire. Michelin, Bf Goodrich, Goodyear, Uniroyal, Bridgestone are just a few quality tire brands. I put Michelin brand tires on my personal vehicles and I average 80,000 miles a set with proper maintenance. These tires cost more up front but you will buy two sets of a cheaper brand to one set of a good quality brand. A quality tire will pay for itself in the extra mileage you will get. Keep your tire pressures checked, tires rotated and balanced, and the front-end aligned. These simple inexpensive checks will save your tires and increase your fuel mileage. If all this sounds complicated for all of you non do-it-youselfers, trust worthy repair shops