One Way Car Rental – Flexibility When Travelling

another but not returning to your first destination, a great way to do so is by one way car rental.

So what is one way car rental? This option allows you to pick up a vehicle from one destination complete your travels and then drop the car at your end destination. This is a win win situation for the company and traveller, as often the companies need your assistance with relocating their vehicles between the North and South Islands of New Zealand (or their depots) and there are many travellers who fly out from different destinations these days.

Many hire companies have special deals for one way car rental. For example cheaper rates, insurance included or if the travel is between the islands you might get the ferry booking paid for. All of these things can assist you with travelling cheaper and with more flexibility. The locations which are on offer for these types of deals will depend on the car rental company’s depot locations. For instance a company with Auckland & Christchurch locations will allow you to travel one way between these destinations.

This option allows you flexibility with the time of hire too, for instance if you want to stop at different towns along the way consider hiring the vehicle for five days or more and truly enjoy your drive.

So who would suit one way car rental?

– Those going on a spur of the moment road trip with friends
– Those moving cities
– Those who have family in other cities and can’t afford to