Plastic Surgery Fees

Each year millions of people choose to have plastic surgery to either recover from an accident, usually the result of a fire or an automobile collision, or to restore their self-confidence, getting a psychological boost from looking younger and more beautiful. In the entertainment industry, plastic surgery has helped many celebrities keep earning millions because they retain their star appeal.

Consequently, the plastic surgery industry makes billions every year. Prices vary widely because of numerous factors. Plastic surgery fees include more than the fees paid to the surgeon. The surgery also involves the cost of different attending specialists, from the anesthetist to the nurse, the cost for a battery of medical tests, the cost of the facility, and the costs associated with medication. In addition, the surgeon’s fees depend on the reputation of

Since there are so many costs involved in estimating the cost of surgery, a way to get a ballpark figure on how much different plastic surgery procedures cost is to look at the national average fees charged by surgeons.

The most popular surgeries involve enhancing facial beauty, enhancing breast, abdomen and buttock regions, hair procedures, toning up flabby skins around arms and legs, and eliminating excess fats.

Facial Beauty

Enhancing facial beauty ranges from the use of non-surgical procedures to the use of surgical procedures. The use of non-invasive techniques like chemicals and injections are considered non-surgical and costs hundreds of dollars. Examples of these are Botox treatments, collagen injections, and chemical peels. The use of a scalpel, an invasive procedure, is considered a surgical procedure and costs thousands of dollars. Examples of these are blepharoplasty or cosmetic eyelid surgery and chin augmentation.

Non-Surgical Facial Procedures

For the most part, these start from a little over $100 to a little le