Pros and Cons of Working With a Local or a National Junk Removal Company

Cleaning out your house in order to move or cleaning up your parent’s house after an estate sale is a big task. It is also one that will probably produce an overwhelming amount of junk, if you are like the normal household in the United States. How do you safely remove all of the junk, without breaking the bank? Do you call a local junk removal company or do you hire one that has a national reputation and is sort of close to where you live? There are pros and cons to working with either type of junk removal company.

Every great company should offer superior customer service, no matter if they are a local company or part of a national franchise. However, a local company might employ your friends or neighbors, so there might be more customized service to meet your needs.

A national junk removal company might not cater to you as a customer, because after all, they are a national company and can get customers anywhere. A lack of attention might greet you when you call to get a quote or request pick up from a national organization.

2) Knowledge

A local company will know the rules of local trash ordinances in and out. They will also know what they can safely take from your home and how much it will cost to dispose of it properly. A national company might have to travel an hour or two to get to your location, making them unfamiliar with township ordinances. If they don’t know how much they can dump, they may accidentally over or under charge you in the process, making your bill look much different than the one you should be receiving.

3) Reputation