Radio Controlled Airplanes Offer Hours of Enjoyment

world. Basically, this type of model aircraft is controlled remotely and there is a hand-held transmitter and receiver within the craft. Many of these aircraft can be purchased in a kit and assembled while others can be purchased ready to leave the store and fly. They are generally constructed from foam, plastic, or balsa wood.

One of the popular manufacturers of radio controlled airplanes has been the US AirCore. Through the years there have been a number of changes as well as attempts to construct the perfect radio controlled aircraft. The planes have become so popular that there are now a variety from which to choose. Most people involved in this hobby will suggest that the beginner starts with a park flyer. These are small, mostly electric planes. They are small enough so that they can be flown in most public parks. Another popular aircraft for the beginner is the A-R-F. This is an “almost ready to fly” model. They are nearly ready to fly and only require a small amount of time before sending them into the air. These models are great in order to learn to take off, fly, and land.

Once you have mastered the beginner level you might want to advance to the intermediate models. These aircraft offer a glow plug engine. Glow plugs, which are similar to spark plugs, ignite the nitro fuel which makes it a small gas engine for power. These type of radio controlled airplanes can sometimes be flown in large parks with open spaces, although open fields and areas with wide open spaces are better choices. Once you become an expert you will enter a new world where these airplanes are not considered toys. These often use ducted fans – real mini turbines built from carbon fiber and glass. These amazing planes can reach speeds over 200 mph. This, of course, requires the hobbyist to have outstandi