Real Estate Trends – Technology and Selling Your Home

If you were born before 1980 you may recall the importance of hard copy newspaper advertising to multiply your business sales message. Highly paid marketing managers and advertising gurus were busy working their relationships with the editors of the papers and magazines so they could get placement in the publications.

What was the intent?

To touch as many consumers as possible in any single marketing strategy – mainly for traditional products.

The high flying world of electronic media in those days meant radio or television advertising. Even though they were hugely effective (for the time) they were expensive. They cast a very broad net and traditionally appealed to specific market sectors.

Real Estate in ‘the good old days’ drew upon the effectiveness of colour photos in shop front windows and newspaper advertisements to attract the wary consumer.

Buyers would walk the streets looking in windows, or see signboards and phone the agent to talk about a property. They would walk into the agents’ office to ask for what they wanted – 3 bed, 4 bed, garage, land – then sit in the agent’s car as they drove them around town showing what was currently listed with only that office – even though it often bore no resemblance to what the buyer actually wanted.

It was tedious and hard work.

So what happened? Technology caught up with the real estate industry, that’s what.

These days, in a world of new marketing, buyers are educated and have access to far greater information than ever. And it’s not slowing down.

Through mobile connectivity, internet presence, 3G telecommunications, microchips and satellites, electronic media far surpasses all other forms of advertising to attract home buyers.