Reduce Unwanted Footfall and Impact Noise with New Acoustical Floor Underlayment Products

pacta acoustical floor underlayments are a new line of products that provide floor sound isolation solutions for every condition in multi-family residential design. To meet the specified requirement for impact insulations, different systems are required for various types of flooring systems.

Nothing is more frustrating to new homeowners than to discover that the multi-family home (condo, townhouse or apartment) that they just purchased has loud neighbors upstairs or neighbors below them who complain about the amount of noise coming from above. The biggest compliant in these situations is impact noise, such as footfall noise. Nothing is worse than trying to go to sleep or relax and hearing kids or adults running around above you. With the trend of installing more engineered hardwood, laminate and ceramic tile floors instead of carpeting on the rise, this noise problem is becoming even more common.

Another big compliant is that the neighbors above have always had carpeted floors and there were never any noise problems and everyone got along fine, until they pulled out the carpet and put in engineered hardwood floors. Once a comfort level has been established any change to that level can be seen as very dramatic. Engineered hardwood floors, laminate floors and ceramic tile floors obviously transmit much more sound than carpet, because they are hard solid surfaces.

Within the acoustical industry there have always been floor underlayments to help reduce impact noise. However, Acoustical Solutions is one of the first companies to introduce different underlayments for different flooring systems. The Impacta line of acoustical floor underlayments has been specifically designed to offer maximum sound reduction while maintaining a very low or thin profile, so as to not add extra height to the floor. The Prozorb and Cerazorb, to be used under ceramic tile and engineered hardwood floors, are a synthetic cork underlayment that are mold and mildew resistant, economically priced, lightweight and easy to install. The Redupax system is a totally free-floating underlayment system designed to get “luxury” ratings underneath engineered hardwood and laminate floors. The Superfloor product is a commercial carpet underlayment designed to reduce impact noise and extend the life of the carpet.

Impacta floor underlayment products provide proven field and laboratory-tested solutions for floor build-ups in wood frame, metal pan and concrete construction to meet HUD’s Grade I “luxury” and Grade II impact isolation building requirements.

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