Research-based Fertility Acupuncture That Works

Of course, there are many causes of infertility, and you should review them and the specifics of your medical case with your medical doctor and with your acupuncturist.

The best solution would be to combine acupuncture with a natural fertility drug (herbal combination). Make sure you partner with a trained and licensed acupuncturist/herbalist – they can help you immensely!

Chinese Medicine Fertility
Chinese medicine has some wisdom and research to add to the topic of fertility. Let’s understand theoretical basis of Chinese Medicine fertility.

1. The Uterus: Called ‘bao’ in Chinese, it is thought to be the reservoir of blood and nutrition needed by the woman’s body to sustain a growing fetus. You need plenty of blood for fertility. Also, the uterus needs to be free of heat (inflammation, etc.). Fertility acupuncture can clear heat from this area. To understand this better, we have to understand the Chinese view of ‘blood’…

2. Blood: Called ‘xue’ in Chinese, blood is more than the plasma and serum of western medicine. It includes much of the nourishing aspects of yin (all things passive, cool, and fluid). It is hard to correlate Chinese and western medical concepts exactly, but some hormones, vitamins, and neurotransmitters may be included in ‘blood.’ All of these are important in fertility.

If there’s not enough blood, the uterus can’t provide the fetus with enough