Scribble Your Thoughts On Custom Made Journals

Not each one can vent out their emotions to their best pals and their family members. Sometimes, sharing a certain secret to a friend is not a healthy option. That is why there are more people who pick just to write something on their diaries and journals. So, there are promotional journals that are attainable in the market. These materials are the same with notebooks. It has several blank pages bound by string or ring binder and covered with either leather or paper. Because of the fact that journal is a personal belonging, it is good to have it custom printed according the owners’ liking. How do we deal about it? Here is the lowdown of how to make a custom printed journal.

Step One. Get the tools that you need. If you have old unused notebooks, gather them along with other materials like magazine cut outs, transparent and smooth plastic wrapper, adhesives, scissors, ring binder or color strings and other art supplies.

Step Two. Devise a theme that would portray your personality. If you would like a really girly theme, you can place flowers, butterflies and ribbons. Choose the colors that embrace femininity like pink, purple and lavender. You can also place your picture with your friend in fun moments. For those guys who are also into journals, at least not for a dairy, they can just put a photograph of their favorite players on their most fantastic moves ever. Use colors are truly masculine like blue, black and red. If you both love music, have your favorite singers or band on the cover.

Step Three. Do the pasting. Once you have your concept all laid out, get the pasting commenced. Do not allow all the elements displaced so you better laminate the front and back of your customized journal covers. Use the transparent plastic cover for such task.

Step Four. Use it. You can either make it just a diary or a scrapbook with photographs of all the essential happenings in your lives. It will truly be a nice piece of keepsake where you can just browse each