SEO Link Pro: Good or Bad? The facts revealed by Ed Cvanci.

What is SEO Link Pro?
In a nutshell, its a dream come true for smaller websites to be able to rank up with the corporate’s in search engines. It very cleverly farms the internet looking for places where you can place a link back to your site. Unlike Authority Loophole which is free, Seolinkpro will then go on to place your link and a whole lot more completely on auto-pilot. You simply set it up and forget it. If you wish to spend months writing one liners and posting to blogs etc and have no money to invest, then try the free Authority Loophole and continue having no money. If you want to get on with business and spend valuable time elsewhere you need to invest in something that works and is automatic.

Link backs are the holy grail of the internet. Without them your site is worthless to the search engines as nobody else has linked to it. Links from the wrong source can be equally devastating. Too many links to quick can be certain death. I’ve personally been there in the old days sending emails to sites to get links back. Oh it works great, but the time taken!!
Writing articles works great as well, but takes time. There are lots of scripts and software out there that will spam your site to link farms or hack into blogs and paste your links everywhere, one in particular costs over $500. The problem is that either its too black hat or illegal, or at the best will get your site demoted from the SERPS and that you do not want to happen.
Consider the tremendous value of any software that could automatically build your back links and stay under the radar? I know I’ve dreamt about that a few times, so my first approach to SeoLinkPro was with caution and a lot of disbelief in its claims. I have heard them all before, so many times. Finding out that EarlGrey was the man behind SeoLinkPro development though very positive, still left doubts. Seo Link Pro is supposed to get you a lot of link backs with or without spamming on auto pilot.

SEO Link Pro can be used by a novice as a simple click and go or, use some good advanced features which give you more control over link building tasks. Even a clueless amateur can unlock the power of this SEO link building software.
It will search in any topic finding only link backs from related places. This is a vital part of the automatic work as the last thing you need is links from un-related sites. While they may carry some worth, one link from a related site with good page rank is worth hundreds of the others.

Development and Use:
The efforts put into the development of this SEO link tool are more than any blackhat script or software released to date. It comes from a thourabread stable, Syndk8. The guys there have possibly the best known black and grey hat site massive forum. I’ve been a member for years and anyone black or white should spend some time browsing the different techniques used by the people who make the real dosh with Internet Marketing. While I don’t necessarily agree with black hat techniques, one can learn so much and apply abridged methods to put sites on the first page of search engines. Some methods can get you banned unless your really street wise. But used sensibly, SeoLinkPro will give you massive returns in site placement, visitors and resulting income. It should not be your only method though as good content and meta is still king.