Seven Mistakes Pet Parents Make

Making the commitment to invite any animal to join your family should take a lot of careful consideration. Unfortunately, for many people when they see a cute animal they can’t resist the temptation of bringing them home immediately. However, it is much wiser to first go home and do some research to find out everything you can about this particular type of pet and what caring for and living with them will entail. Also, be sure to include all family members in the decisionmaking process. Carefully consider the commitment of time and money, and if this particular animal is a good match for your family.

Buying From a Pet Store

This can be a hard mistake for people to avoid as seeing a cute young animal in a store can be very tempting especially since some people might consider they are saving that particular animal. But, keep in mind that while you may give that animal a good home with each sale the pet store makes they are that much more likely to simply bring more animals in from animal mills where the breeding stock is subjected to a life of constant breeding and probable mistreatment.

Killing with Kindness

Because people love their pets so much they often give too much too soon to the detriment of their pets. Many people feel they are being mean if they don’t give their pet everything they want when they want it. A perfect example of this is the person who brings home a new dog or cat and let’s them run freely in the home. But, it is much kinder in the long run to set clear rules and boundaries, much like with kids, to help your pet stay safe and ensure that he or she is with you for their whole life. Unfortunately, the result of not setting boundaries and helping your pet learn how to behave is that they make mistakes which they are then punished for and many otherwise lovely animals are surrendered to shelters for simple to prevent and resolve behavior problems.

Assuming Your Pet is a Person in Fur Clothing

It’s wonderful that most people adopt pets into their home as full-fledged members of the family. H