Sex-O-Phobic America

There are axioms we are raised with that do not necessarily serve our best interest. As technology rapidly changes the world around us, and our daily lives become inundated with burdenous considerations, many cope by clinging to platitudes. Without giving much thought to the lessons we are taught growing up, we trust that they are words of wisdom. However many times they are not… and all too often the perceptions that form our reality are based on a faulty premise.

Such is the case when conventional wisdom dictates that there is a direct correlation between sexuality, and morality.

As I write this, the vilification of sex is all over the media. News stories that are written with the intention to “shock” the average reader are consistently presented from a “sex is bad” point of view. Chastity and monogamy are offered as the moral standard, whereas anything variant to that precept is denounced as depravity. America has had this concept rammed down its throat for so long, that few are able to discern it’s illegitimacy. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth.

But the sex/morality correlation extends beyond a simple misrepresentation of facts, it has significant socio/political power. During this past Republican primary, the voters in Delaware chose Christine O’Donnell to represent their party in this coming November’s election. O’Donnell, who has become the beacon for the anti-sex movement is not just railing against secular sexual activities, She goes so far as to denounce any sexual act beyond marital monogamy, and claims that Masturbation is sinful due to the fact that one would have to be simultaneously engaging in lust, which in her scripture inspired perspective is tantamount to adultery…. Her plan is to legislate against sexual practices that don’t coincide with her Fundamentalist Christian beliefs….and she is wildly popular.

In addition, news media is replete with “shocking” sex-o-phobic tales. Church organizers in Ohio are demanding that a legally operating local strip be shut down because they equate the practices there with Satan. However it doesn’t seem to matter whether the practices of the Church offends anyone’s sensibilities. In the Bronx, New York, a School teacher is under fire for having written about her sexual past as an Escort. Parents are outraged. The young teacher’s ability to impart knowledge to her students, or the quality of her character also doesn’t seem to matter. These judgments are made both in the media and on the street because convention has determined sexuality’s place in our society.

While the average person can articulate *WHY* most acts that we consider immoral are classified as such, it is much more difficult to do so when one makes the connection to the sexual practices of cons