Should Your Business Tweet?

“Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises” – Demosthenes.

At first, Twitter seems small and insignificant. So, how does Twitter lead to more business success? It isn’t enough for you to use Twitter just because others are using it.

Using it to maintain the advantage over your competition, however, is definitely a good enough reason. Numerous business owners want to leverage social media in order to get the very most out of it for their businesses even if they do not understand social media. Understanding Twitter’s potential and how it can positively affect your business is critical.

When you first start getting involved with social media, you should be careful about your expectations. Social media is an extremely powerful and effective tool for increasing your business and acquiring more and more success. However, just like anything else of value, it takes some time before you are using it to its full potential.

Twitter was established in 2006. Twitter was originally intended to be used as a fun and easy way for people to share their thoughts with other people on a global scale. Twitter became so popular, however, that it has moved way beyond its original scope.

It is no longer considered just a fun and casual way of communicating. It has also evolved into a serious, real-time network for sharing and discovering information in a business context.

People keep pursuing information and Twitter keeps feeding it to them. With Twitter’s limitation of 140 characters per tweet, all messages are concise and are communicated to others very quickly.

Many popular brands have been extremely successful using Twitter, including Dell computers and Starbucks coffee. Why do you suppose that is?

Dell and Starbucks follow the basic concepts of engaging fans: