Social Networking & the Job Search – It’s Not Just About the Numbers

Are you like so many other job seekers…on the desperate hunt for more followers and more connections on all the social media networking sites? After all, the more you have, the more you increase your odds of finding a job faster, right?

And certainly the blogosphere is replete with job search advice telling you that social networking is the hot new trend that separates job seekers into two camps: those with connections and those without. And those with the most connections…win?

Aah, so we’re faced with the old quantity versus quality debate once again. Is more really better (or at least as good)? Or maybe in the case of a job search, the better way to phrase the question is as follows: Is popularity on these sites more effective?

Here’s my take:

We all know the old saying that goes something like this: It’s the quality, not the quantity, that matters. Unfortunately, in our society today, that concept has often been lost. We like to talk a lot about quality in all aspects of our lives, from Six Sigma and ITIL quality methodologies in the marketplace to “quality time” with our children and family to quality healt