Step into the Market – Online Dating and People Searches

One of the biggest goals in life is to find someone to love and to respect. Technology has come to the rescue for workaholics, single parents, shy people, and everyone else with online dating. With a simple click, dozens of personal and private ads are there to help find a like-minded mate. The easiness of online dating, though, also makes it risky.. Without a face to face connection, many of our own instincts about people are powerless. That’s where a person search is useful – find the truth before you’re emotionally invested.

The Pitfalls of Online Dating

Online dating has gone mainstream; about 50% of single adults in America have tried an online dating service, and another third have friends who have. Whether it’s through personal ads on sites like Craigslist, dating services like, or social networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook, the basic premise for online dating is the same: you upload a personal profile (interests, work, family, faith) and possibly a picture, and can browse other profiles to locate someone compatible.

The biggest weakness of online profiles is that it’s so easy to lie. The most common complaints about online profiles hit the core of who a person is:

o Married and, possibly, with children

o Income level and current job

o Things they own

o Places the person has lived

Some online threats out there can be even more damaging, ranging from spamming to identity theft. And sometimes other people are just predators, playing on the trust and good nature